The laws are different in the Kushite ruled Kingdom of Nabara. The penalty for involvement in the slave trade is death, and if the King fails to provide justice and order under ma'at, the High Priests can order him to commit suicide. When a Roman slave ship wrecks off the coast of Nabara, peace is shattered. Ancient caravan routes and nomadic tribes are threatened by kidnappings, robbery and murder and Nabaran High King Amkar Kashta invokes the power of the six-kingdom alliance that is Nudolla. Each member of the ruling families finds themselves thrust into the rising slave trade and the corruption of everything and everyone it touches. It is an adventure told from the secret sanctuaries of the desert fathers in the Scetes desert to the massive pyramids of Meroë. It is a journey inside Roman garrisons, past the farms of the Luba tribes and the prophecies of the Yoruba Oracles. You must cross the Bridge of Martyrs to hike through the protective fortress of the Kiberan rainforests and across the vast Kalahari. Navigate down the Skeleton Coast towards the Great Barrier Mountains of Apedemak. Here, kings and queens, princes and princesses, slave traders and gladiators, high priests and slaves, scribes and warriors, caravan robbers and hermits collide under the thread that links them all - Captivity and Kings.