Meet Kamilah House!

kamilah is an emerging artist whose talent we know will be an excellent contribution for the cover art of book 2 of of captivity & Kings!

Kamilah’s work is available for sale through Instagram. Check out some of her favorite pieces below and contact her for sale information and pricing! Kamilah O. House



She thought



Abstract Expressionism

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Kamilah House

Kamilah’s collection can be seen on instagram where you can reach out to her directly for pricing, sale information, and request specific commissions including portraits. Go to Kamilah House Instagram or find her on Fine Art America

Kamilah House Biography

Kamilah House is a Bahamian-American attorney and artist living and working in the Washington, D.C. area. As a diplomat brat, she experienced a medley of different cultural, ethnic, political and religious views and customs co-existing in what appeared to be mostly harmonious children’s environments in countries where the adults, so focused on fleeting power battles, bickered or, as a minimum refused to socialize (or work0 together. This experience taught her the value of seeing the inner strength in each of us, rather than alienating each other based on insignificant and often largely beautiful differences. Kamilah stopped painting in high school to pursue singing and other creative and academic goals. 

After many years, Kamilah began painting again in her 30s, taking classes at the Art League School to sharpen her skills. Her work is heavily influenced by the cultures of her youth and the politics of today as well as the novel The Warmth Of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson, which explores the Great Migration, Romare Bearden, Langston Hughes, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, my own experiences watching the news and experiences culture.

While most of her work before 2018 was in oil, she returned to working in acrylic because it allowed her to work faster to create layers of brightly-colored work. She creates both abstract artwork and figurative pieces featuring the faces of strong people, mainly black women of the diaspora, close up  and through bright color meant to broadcast a universal human inner strength that we all carry but women, minorities and the disadvantaged do not always see in themselves. Through every piece, she hopes to expose the strength of women and to bring them forward to the center of our consciousness..