The Artist Behind Of Captivity & King's Illustrations

Crystal Turner

Each illustration was requested by the author and drawn  courtesy of Crystal D. Turner



In the ancient Kingdom of Kush, women were known for their ability to create pottery, jewelry from precious stones, and create designs from henna and dye.

Cattle of kings

In the ancient Kingdom of Kush, the number of cattle a person owned was one way to determine his wealth.  



Pharaohs of ancient Egypt or Kemet and the Kings and Queens of Kush were often seen wearing a number of different crowns such as this khepresh, a royal headdress generally worn during war battles and ceremonies.

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About Crystal

From a very young age, Crystal has had a love for arts and crafts. From jazz dance lessons, to concert band, to drawing, and crafting jewelry, she has always felt a harmonious peace through artistic expressions. Crystal lives by the creed that we all have characteristics and talents that are unique to us. We should use them in a way that will serve the world. To do so, we must love and accept who we are, daring to be our natural selves; having the audaCiTy to be!  

Crystal has a collection of handmade jewelry, handbags, art and more available at her website! You can find out more about the artist and her arts and crafts at For any questions regarding booking Crystal for artwork, design or press, please contact her at