How lovely when you find a book so intoxicating that you can’t put it down! Ms. Gyasi’s words brought each character and scene to life so much so that a reader could almost feel the ocean breeze against their own skin.  Her ability to juxtapose class and privilege across both regions, countries, and states is a testament to not only how well researched this book is, but, in its own way, how events affect people in different ways across generations. My sister recommended this to me as she knew I had a heavy interest in pre-colonial history and I was not only impressed with Ms. Gyasi’s ability to weave a story, but to turn each character’s own curiosity and trepidation into the reader’s! 

I highly recommend that you buy this book if you enjoy learning about the culture and community of Ghana, the perils of the Gold Coast slave trade, the struggle of freed slaves to find work after the Civil War, mining and worker’s rights and challenges, and the beating heart of black men and women in the United States. Ms. Gyasi demonstrates the danger of ignoring, denying, and refusing to pass down one’s history, no matter how ugly it is. Homegoing is a story of forgiveness, love, pride, and hope.  I encourage you all to take the time to add it to your summer reading.

It will definitely hold your attention from page to page!